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  • Availability for all U-Pick items are dependent on various weather conditions, amount of crop present, and the length of the season (which varies depending on yearly climatic patterns). Please call for availability. (586) 752-3123.

  • Minimum picking amounts apply to each produce.

  • Westview will supply your picking containers. Please do not bring your own.​

Weekdays:  Mon-Fri enter through the Cider Barn, 10am-5pm

Prices: All children under 36 inches are free

  • Admission Only: $4.50/child & $3.50/Adult

    • Includes​ Outdoor Petting Farm, Indoor Petting Barn & Pavilion, Playground, Tire Mountain, Rope Mountain, Straw Mountain, and Spookley Straw Bale Maze

  • U-Pick ​Apples: Pick and Play (price includes fruit and admission)

    • Half peck bag per adult minimum. $9 per half peck bag. Children (over 36 inches tall) will be charged general admission.

  • U-Pick Pumpkins: Pick and Play (price includes pumpkin and admission)​

    • Sold by weight - $0.56/lb. General admission charged for all adults and Children 36 inches and taller. Admission price will be applied towards the pumpkin cost.

  • U-Pick Vegetables: ​Pick and Play (price includes vegetables and admission)

    • Peck bag per group minimum. ​$8 per peck bag. Adults and children 36 inches and taller will be charged general admission.

Weekends:  Saturday & Sunday enter through the Admissions Building, 10am-5pm

Prices: All children under 36 inches are free

  • Admission Only: $10.50/person (enter on East side of building)​ $1 off Labor Day Weekend and September 7&8th

    • Includes ​Outdoor Petting Farm, Animal Barn, Pavilion Animals (play with the goats and sheep!), Straw Mountain, Tire Mountain, Rope Mountain, Playground, Giant Slide, Jumping Pad, The Black Hole, Indoor Maze, Spookley Straw Bale Maze, Wagon Rides, and Corn Maze

  • U-Pick Apples: half-peck minimum per person (enter on West side of building)​

    • Other sizes: ​4 half-peck bags = half-bushel, 8 half-peck = bushel 

  • U-Pick Pumpkins: Sold by weight - $0.60/lb with a $5 deposit per family/group

  • U-Pick Vegetables: ​Sold by the bag. Price $8.

  • Also available for an additional charge:

    • Horse-drawn Wagon Rides​

    • Apple Sling-Shots

    • Apple Cannons

Want to know which varieties of apples are available for U-Pick? Click here!

Fall U-Pick and Family Fun

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