Apple Cider Recipes & Ideas

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Westview Orchards & Cider Mill of Romeo Apple Cider Recipes & Ideas

Whether served chilled, plain, hot or used to give apple flavor to many dishes, apple cider can lend distinction to any menu. Here are some serving suggestions that will help make your menu outstanding.



Serve apple cider chilled plain, garnished with a wedge of lemon or lime, orange slice chunk or spear of pineapple, strawberry or cherry.

Mix it half and half with orange juice, tomato juice, beef broth, or ginger ale/clear soda pop for new flavor combinations.

Freeze apple cider until mushy consistency and serve in a small bowl topped with sour cream for an easy Italian ice.

Serve it hot, mixed with chicken broth and a little lemon juice for a tangy broth to be served with small crackers.

Mix sour cream and cider with finely shopped hers/herb blend to make a dip for raw vegetable pieces.


Mix 6 cups cider, 1 to 2 sticks cinnamon, ½ t. whole cloves. Heat in a saucepan until simmers or perk in a coffee pot putting spices in coffee pot basket/coffee filter tied with string.  Variations – add a twist of lemon or add a (6ox.) can of frozen lemonade concentrate or eliminate spices and add 1/8 cup red cinnamon candies.

Fill paper cups with cider, insert a wooden stick and freeze. That’s a “cidersicle”


Add cider to pickle relish to make it more flavorful on hamburgers/hot dogs/in potato salad dressing.

Cook different meats/main courses in cider – fish fillets(poach in it), whole ham, pork chops/roast, baked bean sauce, turkey, chicken, or in meat loaf/other ground meat dishes.

Add cider to your favorite stuffing instead of the usual broth – great for stuffing pork, chicken and turkey.


Prepare apple/oatmeal/other fruit muffins, biscuits, small loaves of bread, rolls, pancakes, waffles using cider instead of the usual liquid.

Use cornstarch thickened apple cider mixed with lemon juice as a hot syrup for pancakes, waffles and French toast.